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Investment Thesis

Bold Founders

We invest in founders who are passionate about what they’re doing. Having built companies, we know that every success story has ups and downs — and the most successful ones tend to have the biggest dips. Often the most rational thing to do is quit, but if you have an irrational desire to solve a problem, you can overcome the difficulties. Success is about sheer perseverance, passion, and wanting to solve the problem. So focus on a problem you truly care about, because the founders who do that are the ones who succeed.

Big Ideas

We’re looking for the perfect storm that occurs when large markets are restricted by legacy platforms. If the market has high growth potential and a simple point solution can’t solve the problem, pressure begins build within the industry. We invest in the big ideas that challenge the legacy platform at the right time and redefine the user expectations.

Positive Impact

We believe in the power of capital for good with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. We favor ideas that address the world’s most pressing challenges in sectors such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation, microfinance, and affordable and accessible basic services including housing, healthcare, and education.


A few of the startups that trusted us.


De-risking & scaling early stage investing


The smart next generation playful keyboard


A growth platform to easily track your orders and run your production

Jason Markk

The world's most trusted premium shoe care brand


Next generation e-ticketing system for all types of events

Our Experienced Team

Founders helping founders

George Georgallides

Managing Partner

Mark Tung

Managing Partner

Zen Charalambous

Managing Partner

We have strong conviction that we must provide more than just capital. As operators and entrepreneurs, we roll up our sleeves and work with founders in all parts of their businesses that are critical to the success for their new ventures including research, product development, customer development, user acquisition, business development, operational infrastructure, and recruiting. We act as a bridge to help entrepreneurs expand their sphere of influence beyond their geographical or domain expertise.

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